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How Dosamatic Works


Dosa Machine

Make Dosa in 1 minute

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DOSAMATIC is a very new concept of preparing Dosa where automatically machine prepares tasty and crispy DOSA in less than a minute. It's also a very hygienic way of making DOSA, No human hand is used in the process of making Dosa. Consistence in quality is maintained throughout its preparation. Once a size & thickness is fixed in the settings then the same will be output for all the Dosas made. In one hour, we can make about 65 to 70 Dosa that means a Dosa is made in less than a minute. DosaMatic consumes power only when it in use and no power will be consumed in ideal mode.

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About Dosamatic

Hyderabad being one of the historical place in the Indian history ruled by the Nawabs, and also for a very long time it has been very tradition in every walks of life. But all of a sudden, with the fast development of technology and modernization of advance culture has made Hyderabad to drastically change over.

When there traditional changes are happening in every field, we have bought revolution in way of making Dosa. From the authentic way to robotic way, we are introducing DOSAMATIC to Hyderabad changing the method of preparation of DOSA in the Kitchen/Canteen/Restaurant, it’s a major change over from the use of gas to electricity which is a cost savior.

Advantages of Dosamatic

You can make your own delicious dosa.

Now Dosa Can be made and had at anytime.

Make a Dosa with topping of your choices like Egg Dosa, Chocolate Dosa, Masala Dosa, Upma Dosa, pesarattu Dosa, Pizza Dosa Many More.

Hungry Hai kya..?
Lets have a Crispy Dosa in one minute.

In corporate house generally breakfast time bread, butter and Jam will be served. Now proudly you add on crispy Dosa by just a minute.

Also we wish thank Mr. ESHWAR K VIKAS CEO of Mukunda Foods for giving us this wonderful product Dosamatic.

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  • No use of Gas Fuel

  • No Master chef is required

  • Power consumed only while cooking

  • Cost saving

  • Less space required

  • All in just one minute

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